Why are your sales pros underperforming?

Myers Barnes new home sales underperformingWhy are your new home sales professionals underperforming? Rising interest rates caused a housing market slowdown about a year ago. By now, your new home sales team should have adjusted their strategy, sharpened their negotiating skills, and rebounded with their conversions. If they’re still struggling, what’s YOUR solution?

Tossing affirmations like confetti and cheering them on isn’t the answer. Your team needs the confidence that they have the skills to soar over the hurdles they see in front of them. Confidence doesn’t come from a sales leader’s praise. That’s momentary. Once they’re back on the playing field, dealing with one objection after another, they feel unsure and abandoned.

The solution to your new home sales professional underperforming is sales training and coaching. The pursuit of excellence comes from knowledge and practice. And that never ends.

For more than two years, your salespeople managed a flood of eager buyers. They weren’t selling as much as they were managing the orders. They didn’t have to negotiate a sale or manage many objections. They had the confidence of knowing that if one buyer walked away, there were others ready to jump in and buy the house.

During this unprecedented period of zealous buyers, did you train your new salespeople? Did they learn your sales process, start to finish? Did they have time to practice every skill and every step?

Now that selling is more of a challenge, how are their negotiating skills? Do they understand that objections are predictable? That means they CAN prepare to smoothly navigate that challenge. It takes coaching and practice to get this right.

Do they know how to effectively show a model home?

Do they understand the right questions to ask? 

Do they know what information they need in order to drive the sale to closure? 

When is your new home sales professional good enough? And is “good enough” enough? With a commitment to sales training, you show your support for them and their careers. You make them better salespeople, better team members, better employees. Providing sales training delivers a wealth of benefits:

  • Increases confidence, which leads to better outcomes
  • Strengthens the selling mindset
  • Prevents trial-and-error, ad libbing, and mistakes
  • Builds teamwork
  • Reinforces the company brand so all team members present a consistent message
  • Heightens loyalty
  • Teaches the value of process of resiliency

I’ve had some sales leaders complain that training is expensive.

“Training isn’t expensive. Ignorance is expensive,” is my reply.

Look at your sales team. What do they need to be better? Where can they benefit from sales training? I guarantee you that whatever you invest will deliver a powerful ROI.

Contact me if you want to discuss sales training, coaching, and the best way to achieve results.

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